Below is an explanation on how to use the web shop to assist you in placing your order.


When you have determined exactly which item you want to order, the quickest way to search for it is by using the search function at the top right hand corner of your screen. Enter (part of) the name of the item in question and then click enter. If you are not looking for a specific item, then you can click on categories at the top left and scroll through the various parts.


Want more information about a particular item? Then contact us using the contact details on the contact page.


Want to order an item, then click on ‘order’ to add it to your basket. The moment you do this you will be taken to your order list where you can include which address the item and invoice needs to be sent to or from where you can continue shopping. Once you have entered your details and do not wish to continue shopping, you will be directed to the payment process. At this point you will have filled your shopping basket but not yet purchased and/or paid for the item!


Once your order is complete, you will need to select payment method. You can choose from the following (secure) payment methods:
• Credit card (MasterCard, Maestro or Visa)
• Bank-transfer
• PayPal

Unless the payment procedure does not successfully complete and/or ordered items are no longer or temporarily not in stock, your order will be delivered to the address selected within the stated delivery time.

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